Four Tasks Accomplished By an Auto Detailer in Los Angeles

Countless people make their way to the car wash on a regular basis in order to maintain the overall look of their car’s exterior. What many fail to do, however, is keep the interior as clean as they should. Just as the outside of a vehicle needs to be kept cleaned and maintained, so does the inside. Having a car detailed ensures it is kept cleaned and all parts will last as long as possible. OPEC auto detailing service includes four common tasks that cars can benefit from.

Window Cleaning

The exterior portion of a car window can get clean with a simple car wash, or even from rain. The interior, however, will remain dusty and dirty unless it is cleaned properly. A car detailer will wipe all windows down from the inside, ensuring the driver has a clear view out.

Complete Vacuum

All vehicles can benefit from a complete vacuum. Cars with cloth seats will need the seats vacuumed, as well as the floors. Even those with leather interior may want a vacuum taken to the seats to ensure any crumbs or hair are removed. The trunk also needs to be included, as this space too can become filled with dust and particles.

Dashboard Dusting

The dashboard is one component of a vehicle that is often forgotten. Many forget to clean it, letting dust accumulate on the surface. A thorough dusting will be performed by an auto detailer. The layer of dust will be removed, and the surface will be disinfected so it is safe to touch.

Odor Eliminator

Odors can reside in a vehicle for some time. Using an odor eliminator is often the only way to eliminate it. Whether a child has thrown up, a drink was spilled, or there is another reason for the smell, the eliminator product will pull the odor from the air and remove the stench from the vehicle. Only a clean car smell will be left behind.

Any auto detailing los angeles residents need done can be accomplished by OPEC. Their auto detailing service ensures all aspects of the vehicle are cleaned and maintained. No streaks, specks, or scratches will be left behind when receiving OPEC services.

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